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money_kicks_rashed_belhasaMoney Kicks youtube channel is owned by Rashed Belhasa, a 15 years old teenager studying in the International school of arts and sciences in Dubai. He started the channel to share his personal sneaker collection and to express his passion for the sneakers. It is not even a year. His money kicks dubai channel has received around 300k subscribers and is on the verge of growth. He has even started his own clothing brand. On the youtube community he is more famous as money kicks kid or money kicks rashid. He is also global brand ambassador for Crep Protect

He is son of the Dubai billionaire Saif Belhasa. He has gone viral around the world and got a place in many websites and TV news and news papers for his lavish house and personal zoo, personal security crew and camera and the celebrities visiting his house to visit the personal zoo, and bringing Dubai and UAE for a different reason on the world map. He was featured in the top news on the front page in UAE’s top new paper Khaleez times.

His family started a personal zoo around 4 years ago. But they started adopting the animals around 7 years back starting with a white lion and as the time passed by the animals were getting added one by one. The celebrities who visit Dubai will definitely give a visit to his personal zoor situated in his farm. Famous celebrities like Tiger, Jackie Chan (one of his film Kung fu Yoga was shot for around 4 days in this zoo), Shah Rukh Khan (from India), Salman Khan(from India), Saif Ali Khan (from India), Wayne Rooney Jeroen, Christiano Ronaldo. What they love is to get a hangout with the animals and spend time with them, feed them. The baby animals are even brought into the open space freely and they play around with these cubs. Moneykicks personal zoo have a huge variety of exotic animals well maintained in best hygienic environment and relishing good quality food. Few of the animals in this zoo are very rare to find. Few of them are King Cheetah (there are only 20 in the entire world) and a liger (this is a special hybrid animal between male white lion and a female tiger).
It is not like the animals are caged for personal fun. The zoo was sanctioned by UAE government and this zoo is more like a sanctuary. Also, the animals are well maintained and provided with good quality food. The chimpanzees even have a provision where in they can watch the television. It is not something that they’ve caged the animals and snatched their freedom. This is very well facilitated sanctuary for these animals.
Though he is very rich, this teenager a very humble, generous person. He is very courteous with all his visitors and take them personal for a visit and tour of the house and the zoo and other places in Dubai. He has already conducted few sweepstakes on his channel and more are yet to come. He even went to the places in the different regions and mingled with the workforce who is Dubai for employment purpose and shared fasting completion feast sitting along with them and being one of them, in their place. He is not just rich by physical possessions but by heart also.
One of his videos became more popular when during the sharing of his sneaker collection with Wiz Khalifa, he threw a pair of Yeezy shoes (Yeezy shoes are a collaborated product of both Kanye West’s and Adidas) when Wiz Khalifa gave a dissed gesture towards the yeezis.
His passion towards the sneaker collection began when he accompanied one of his elder brother Abdullah to a mall and every one were giving an admiring look at the yeezis he was wearing. From then on he started collecting the shoes and started to share the shoes with the celebrity visitors coming to their zoo. And then he started posting the videos on his channel Money Kicks. One such celebrity visitor was Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. Vitaly posted his visit on his channel VitalyzdTV. That gave a significant boost to Money Kicks channel and his subscriber base jumped from 4k to 50k within a short span of time. And now he is cherishing his youtube fame. Net worth of Rashed Belhasa’s sneaker collection is around $100,000. Among all the shoes that he owns, he has specially showcased the sneakers presented to him by the football player Waney Rooney. When asked about his future plans, he mentioned that after the studies, he would like to be a Dubai business tycoon and of course he would like to start one of the biggest shoe show room. Even his four elder brother, who were not concerned initially about his online fame, now accept the significant achievement of their younger brother. Now this young teenager is enjoying the social media fame and has his own personal video management crew and security personnel.
During one of his visits to USA he brought sneakers worth $10,000. Fat Joe and Coby Percin were among those who accompanied this boy during his visit. Fat Joe even accompanied him while shopping the sneakers. During the visit to USA be bought around 28 pairs of sneakers. Apparently he couldn’t carry all those with him back to Dubai. So, he shipped them to Dubai separately. As his shoe collection has grown widely, he built an enormous luxurious room to showcase his shoe collection.
He was recently invited by the virgin radio and got interviewed by the radio channel where in he shared his personal details and gave an insight into his luxurious lifestyle.
You can visit Money Kicks channel at Money Kicks
We have included money kicks bio in the following money kicks wiki section
Money Kicks who is he: 15 year old Rashed Belhasa from Dubai
Money Kicks birthday: 5-Jan-2002 (Can you guess what he got as his birthday presents? See his 15th birthday celebrations)
Money Kicks age: 15 years
Money Kicks dad: Saif Belhasa
Money Kicks email/Rashed Belhasa mail ID: He has provided his email address on his channel description. You can visit Money Kicks channel at Money Kicks
Money Kicks house: Lavish house located in dubai and is equipped with personal zoo.
Money Kicks Facebook:
Money Kicks Instagram or Money Kicks rashid instagram: or
Money Kicks quotes: Dope :-)
Money Kicks snapchat: Rashedbelhasa
Money Kicks twitter:

Money Kicks Store: He started his own store selling T-Shirts, Bags and Accessories, Shoes (as of this writing no shoes are available yet) and Hats (as of this writing no bags are available yet). You can visit his store at (He announced that he changed the store domain URL to but it seems that it is not yet functional. However, the brand’s instagram page is active). He is the sole founder of this store. Also, almost all the images on the store feature him. With this his entrepreneurial journey has just begun. Way you go Rashed. He is trying to introduce the brand sprayground on this site, for Dubai and other UAE cities. He has even announced that his bags are available for shipping throughout UAE and he has already made few sales. However, you can check out these bags and buy them on amazon from the links below.

To celebrate the launch of the, Mo Vlogs has done a dedicated vlog 15 YEAR OLD $1,000,000 WAREHOUSE !!!. Also, checkout this boy’s latest video 15 Year Old’s $1,000,000 Sneaker Collection! $$

This Friday, he is doing a Meet and Greet at city walk Dubai. Anyone can meet himthere from 7:30 to 9:30 pm (Dubai Time) on 1-Sep-2017. Along with meet and greet he’ll also be showcasing his SprayGround BackPacks which they are selling quick for Back to School. You can meet him there. Here is his instagram post regarding this.

And his bags finally made their way into the Dubai mall and are available for sale….Back to school.

Money Kicks Clothing line: You can find his clothing line at or He is a partner in this clothing line business (the primary partner is Ross Mackay, a former tennis sports person from Scotland)

His passion for the shoes have gone to such an extent that he got his car painted/stickered to look like that of yeezies.

Recently, he announced that he is going to launch his brand at Sneaker Con, London. The brand name will be moneykicks. Refer his instagram post for details. The event was held on 27-May-2017.

Later on he has visited USA and spent time there hanging around with celebrities.

Recently even CNN has published an article about him How to win friends and influence people: Dubai’s social media empires.

On the other note he is friend of another Dubai youtube entrepreneur Mo Vlogs and is often seen hanging out with him. If you like this article, you might also consider reading about Mo Vlogs and Moe Money.

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