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Marzbar Alex Brooks
Marzbar Alex Brooks

Marzbar vlogs is a youtube channel owned by UK based vlogger Alex Brooks also known as Marzbar. He started contributing to youtube channels from 2009 onwards. He was just 13 years old then and was primarily focusing on montages (it is the technique of choosing, editing, and joining different sections of film to make a continuous film) and commentaries. However during the initial days he didn’t get much of encouragement from the viewers and so withdrawn and remained just a watcher. Down the line after understanding more about the nuts and bolts of making youtube videos, he came back again and this time with more enthusiasm with projected in his vlogs and with a passion to stay on the youtube community. And he is successful now. Though he initially started a gaming channel and started uploading minecraft videos, soon he realized that it is not his passion. The viewers started asking him questions about his personnel life. He too thought that his passion lies in making the vlogs. So, he changed the channel name from Marzbargaming to just Marzbar and started uploading vlogging videos. He now has around 300k subscribers and the number is increasing.

Apart from Marzbar vlogs he also has owns a company named Marz Media where in he is helping the clients with creating and editing the media content, including videos for startups to be placed in kickstarter, ads for television networks and for the websites. Marzbar business also includes social interaction and growth of various organizations and also creation of cinematographic video content for the marriages.

His vlogs are centered around his passions, business and personal life. Often his friends come friends and Maria comes into the videos. He travels a lot and as of this writing his is in Sydney(in fact leaving Sydney and travelling to New Zealand). He is very enthusiast guy and spends time in decorating the house and his car. He is very fond of LED lights. Marzbar bed is decorated with LED lights. Being a techie guy and fan of gadgets he even keeps his keyboard lighted up in LED colors. Apart from the regular vlogs, he has another technology channel named Techflow.

He has even offered job to his friend named Jed, also popular on the youtube as Marzbar Jed, who is also from the same city. He is an independent teenager living on his own. He mentioned that though he is living with his father, he pays his father rent fo staying in that house.
Apart from the Marzbar vlogs, he also steams between 8PM to 10PM on Sundays on his twitch account.
He also started his clothing brand named Marzbar which he sells on his website
You can watch his channel at Marzbarvlogs. He is often conducting sweepstakes to promote his channel.
We’ve gathered some details about his biodata in the section below

Marzbar Name: Alex Brooks
Marzbar Birthday: 2-Jul-1997
Marzbar age: He has recently completed 19 years.
Marzbar dad:
Marzbar City: Nework in UK
Marzbar email address: He has included his email address in the about section of his channel.
Marzbar twitter: marzbargaming
Marzbar Instagram: AlexFroMarz
Marzbar Snapchat: Marzisnaps
Marzbar gaming on twitch: mrmarzbar
Marzbar Social media platform: He has been promoting the social media platform qutee a lot.

Marzbar address: He has included his PO Box details on his channel description.
Marzbar Gear: Marzbar camera is Sony ILCE7SB, Rode mic, SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB and DJI Inspire 1 Aerial UAV Quadcopter Drone
Marzbar Apparel / Marzbar clothes: You can buy Marzbar apparel at
Marzbar Website: You can visit Marzbar website at
Marzbar Car: Mini Cooper
Marzbar Custom desk: He has a long custom desk used for placing his three computer monitors in place.

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