Karimchii is a UAE based youtube channel owned by Karim. Karim is young and energetic, fun loving professional who stays in Abu Dhabi. His channel Karimchii, named after his name is full of him hanging out with family, friends and adventurous outing, travel and shopping. He started uploading the vlogs from 4 June, 2015

Karim’s father is from Alexandria in Egypt. His mother is from a small town in Italy named San Teramo. He is currently living in Abu Dhabi. He mentioned that he was named as Karim after his grand father whose name was Abdul Karim.

His channel has close to 30k subscribers and is growing. The content of his channel is of good quality and earned his many quality fans. During his recent visit to Switzerland he has covered amazing videos.

We’ve compiled karimchii biodata as follows for your reference.
Karimchii full name: Karim Belal
Karimchii favourite colour: black
Karimchii education: Management and Accounting done from Brunel University in London.
Karimchii Youtube channel: Karimchii
Karimchii twitter: karimchii
Karimchii snapchat: karimchii
Karimchii email: He has provided his email address for business communication in the description of his channel.
Karimchii facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Karim-Chii/100011169344258
Karimchii instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karimchii

Looks at street name, tries not to laugh…laughs a lot #takeshitastreet #harajuku #tokyo #japan

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Karimchii siblings: An elder sister and a young sister. And he is the only son of his parents.
Karimchii favourite shows: Naruto and Pokemon
Karimchii hobbies: T-Shirts, Movies
Karimchii pet: A cat named Jake

Karimchii is friend of Mo vlogs. He is seen in few of his videos hanging out with him. Mo vlogs too visited Karimchii’s place in Abu Dhabi. He is also featured in few of Mo vlogs hanging out with friends video footages. Karimchii is also a good friend of the other Dubai based vlogger Hasan

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