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Hasan, who owns the HSN vlogs is a dubai based youtube vlogger
HSN Vlogs is owned by the Dubai based young and energetic vlogger, Hasan. He is basically from UK but moved to Dubai in 2007, along with his family. He completed his schooling and college in Dubai. Currently he is studying (as of this writing) law at the university in UK. He was born and brought up in UK.

Being a from a family lawyers, he naturally inclined towards law. Besides being a law student, he is a sports journalist (part time)too. He writes sports articles for his and other sites.

Just like many vloggers, he is also inspired by Casey Neistat. For years, being an avid youtube watcher, he was inspired by other youtubers, wanted to start this channel. He would like to spread inspiration to his vlog suscribers. Currently his channels are filled with entertainment, hanging with friends, Dubai site seeing and adventure sports etc.

Within a short span he has earned a decent number of subscribers and fans, and the number of subscribers for his channel (as of this writing) is around 4k+ and is growing

We’ve gathered few of his details below to provide handy information to his fans.

HSN Vlogs education: Currently pursuing law.
His Hobbies: reading
Favourite sport: football, tennis
Favourite car: p1, mc lauren, audi, sv road
Favourite holiday spot: somewhere in Scandenavia
Age: He is hesitant to disclose his age (Don’t want to publicize :-) )
Languages known/spoken: Urdu, Hindi, little bit of Pashto and ofcource English ;-)
HSN Vlogs email: You can find his email address on his youtube channel HSN Vlogs
HSN Vlogs youtube channel: HSN Vlogs

Twitter: HSNVlogs
Instagram: hsnvlogs
Facebook: HSNVlogs
Snapchat: hsnvlogs
Periscope: hsnvlogs

Hasan is so passionate about football that he started another channel for reporting the football news and provide commentaries. The channel name is Shahkovic

He is often seen hanging out with other youtube vloggers like Mo Vlogs, Karimchii and Linden. Sometimes while watching their videos you’ll feel ‘De javu’ experience :-). However, unlike the others, he is often seen most of the times in formals or semi-formals.

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