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Fouseytube alias Yousef Saleh Erakat is Palestenian – American, born on 22-Jan-1990 in Fremont, CA. He is grown in a family of 4 kids, him being the youngest. His elder siblings are Mohammad, Ahmad and Noura Erakat. On a personal front he is pet lover and has two pet dogs whose names are Dollar and Muffin (may be he loves money and food a lot). Was a football player during his school days and played critical role in leading the teams.

He completed graduation with theater arts as major from San Jose state university. After completing his graduation he moved to Los Angeles looking for a break in the career. He got into vlogging/youtube video making in 2011. Started his first channel on 21-March-2011. During the initial days he was more focussing on fitness but later he shifted to vlogging and pranks. He owns total of 3 channels but all his efforts are mostly focussed on fouseytube channel. The other two channels namely fouseyfitness and fouseyville do not have much of activity from his side. His channels attracted around 8+ billion views with a subscriber base of around 3 millions. His channels came into limelight after he has posted a video namely ‘Spiderman in reallife’ where in Spiderman visits a children’s park and then the villain appears. The spiderman engages in a fight and the kids get involved and joins spiderman to hit the villain. It was a hilarious one and went on viral and made him instantly popular on youtube. This video alone attracted 200M+ views. Another of his video real-life homeless child also went viral.

Apart from his personal youtube channel videos, he was also invited to participate in the dance dare show which is part of Ellen show.

His BMW 4351 customized to suit his taste and reflect his personality.

He is winner of Steamy award and selected for the “Show of the year”.

In a recent vlog where in he announced the purchase of a mansion for his parents that is built in a 2-acre land, he mentioned that he has gone through lot of ups and downs and deciding to be a youtube vlogger is the best decision he has made in life.

You can visit his channel at fouseyTUBE

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