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Caleb MaddixCaleb Maddix is a 15 year old sensational kid from USA. He is popular as the author of the best selling book Keys To Success For Kids 2.0. He has written this book when he was just 12 years old. Apart from being famous for his book, he is well known for his motivational speaking conferences. At such a young age he is capable of giving highly inspiring speeches that people are ready to pay six figure dollars for his coaching programs. He is also the CEO of the million dollar worth company Success for Kids. His motivational speeches are comparable to those of the big speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Kevin Harrington, John Lee Dumas, Darren Hardy, Ken Shamrock and so on. Numerous articles are available about him including those published in Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur magazine, Inc., shows telecasted on National television, Fox News. He also got voted as one of the top 20 highly motivational speakers around the world for the year 2016 and considered as the next Tony Robbins. He has numerous motivational videos uploaded on youtube and few of these videos have gone viral

Many organizations are lining up to get his speech to their members/employees/associates. His motivational speeches have been organized in many schools to inspire thousands of school going kids. Inspired by the positive energy he is providing to kids, he started his own company Kids 4 Success (he is CEO of this company) where he interacts with the kids in-person and provide them motivation on a day-to-day basis, for a year, when they sign-up for the program. His programs helped many kids to achieve goals like starting their own business, writing a book, losing weight, overcoming depression, set goals and aspirations in life etc. He became so popular in such a short span of time that his youtube channel received millions of views. Many other youtube channel owners (the channels that are centered around personal development/motivation/inspirational speeches) are inviting him for interview or publishing their interaction with him.

He quoted that his father has inspired him to achieve this success. When he was much younger his father encouraged him by giving him $20 for each success oriented books that he was reading. Thus he became an avid reader and obsessed with becoming a successful person in life. His father owns a health company and so Caleb Madix has obviously inclined towards the business at such a young age and became one of the youngest entrepreneurs. Desire to live with freedom without having to worry about a job has motivated him to start this business. He quoted that his father always encourages what he is doing and is the mentor for him. When asked about whether he was born with this talent, he mentioned that he doesn’t believe that anyone can be born with a talent but he is blessed with the work ethics necessary to achieve this talent.

His hobbies include roller-blade and baseball, reading, spending time with friends, Playing video games with friends occasionally but not very fond of it. When asked about habits he mentioned that he likes learning, earning and returning and it motivates him.

Caleb Maddix story is very inspirational especially for kids. The following is the Caleb Maddix biodata for your reference.
Caleb Maddix Date of birth: 13-December-2001
Caleb Maddix Dad: Caleb Maddix father is Matt Maddix
Caleb Maddix Mother: Caleb Maddix parents got divorced when he was 4 years old. He lives with his father.
Caleb Maddix Net Worth: One Million dollars by the end of 2016.
Caleb Maddix aspirations: Wants to be a millionaire by 16 and a billionaire by 30. Deliver a speach to 100k people in one go, Speak at TED talk, want to help a need single mother through a cheque to renew their life.
Caleb Maddix living place: St. Petersburg, Florida
Caleb Maddix Business: Caleb Maddix company is Kids 4 success. Here they conduct motivational programs, mentoring for the kids etc. Caleb Maddix CEO of this company.
Caleb Maddix Snapchat: @calebmaddix13
Caleb Maddix Twitter: calebmaddix
Caleb Maddix Facebook:
Calen Maddix Instagram: calebmaddix
Calen Maddix Email: He has shared his email address on his facebook public page.
Caleb Maddix website:

Caleb Maddix book: Keys To Success For Kids (he mentions the word KEY is an acronym for Keep Educating Yourself). Caleb Maddix amazon book link is Keys To Success For Kids
Caleb Maddix youtube channel: Caleb Maddix
Caleb Maddix Sales Call: One of his videos where in he make a $10,000 deal has become famous. You can watch it at Caleb Maddix – 14 Year Old Makes $10,000 In Under 4 Minutes!

Caleb Maddix quotes: Gonna is the number one biggest killing gun of people’s dreams. Stop saying I’m gonna and start taking action right now.

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