This is community page for the residents of Avalon apartments. Avalon is an apartment gated community situated in the center of the city in Khader Bagh, Nanal Nagar, Hyderabad. It is midway between Mehdipatnam and Tolichowki. Very close to PV Narasimha Rao Expressway/inner ring road.
Important notice for the residents: Persons concerned with the allocation of gas pipe line are visiting for inspection. Please coordinate.
The date and time of visit is due to be announced.

The following are key information resources for the residents.

Hospitals: We’ve three prime hospitals in our vicinity.

  1. Premier Hospitals (to the left of Avalon)
  2. Salamah Hospitals (Exactly in front of Avalon)
  3. Olive hospitals (to the right of Avalon near the traffic signal)

Medical Shops: We’ve three prime hospitals in our vicinity.

  1. Premier Hospitals Pharmacy
  2. Olive hospitals Pharmacy
  3. Medicine World (infront of Avalon)
  4. Apollo Pharmacy to the right of Avalon (after Olive Hospitals)
  5. Medical Shop beside Apollo pharmacy specified above (Yet to find its name)
  6. Apollo Pharmacy to the left of Avalon (Few feet before Pillar No.64 of PV Narasimha Rao Expressway)
  7. Med-Life Pharmacy (Yet to confirm the exact name very close the apollo pharmacy specified above)
  8. Medical Shop infront of 777 Hotel

Adhoc Commitee members:

Resident doctors (only for emergency Issues and for the community members only).
Children play area guidelines:

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